Why I Started This Website

I’m a former Purdue University liberal arts student, and decided to create this page as a platform for the women of this university to warn others about American Studies professor Bill Mullen. Like many of the girls whose stories I’ve collected here, I have been made to feel highly uncomfortable by this professor.
Only when the semester ended did I really reflect on what I had experienced. I spoke with my mom about it and she suggested I go to the school guidance counsellor. But I was concerned it would blow up into something big and he would find out I had reported him. The last thing I wanted was to be part of some administrative investigation, which could have unknown repercussions.
After graduation I decided to check if there were other female students who felt uncomfortable with him. It turns out, there were many who did, to varying degrees. The following are the ones who agreed to share their stories on this platform. All names have been changed to protect the identity of these Purdue students who bravely shared their experiences with me.
This is their chance to release the stories and feelings they’ve kept inside, to warn prospective students, and to hopefully alert university authorities who can then take action.

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